I’m sharing the bed with my goegoeus boy tonight as he was too scared to fall to sleep. 

It hasn’t happened for some time but last night he had a nightmare – about his father.he woke in the night feeling very scare, then woke again terrified and crying – then the pa ic set in and he couldn’t control his fear.

Think about that for a moment . He had a nightmare, about his father. It was so frightening  that it resulted in a panic attack ! He’s 12.

To be clearer still – his father was the nightmare. He dreamt that his dad had taken him again. 

How can it be that any child is so frightened of a parent that it causes them nightmares? And how can we fix it?  How can I make them stop?

It could actually be a legitimate fear. His father could find us and take him. It could happen.  He still accepts absolutely NO responsibility for any pain he has caused – instead he continues to contact friends, aquantances demanding they contact me as I allegedly owe him money ! Blaming me for everything saying I’m mentally unstable.

I don’t and aim not, by the way.

So he still rages and vents and lies and makes demands. He has NO idea of the damage and hurt he has caused, his lies are now his truth and he believes them.

The truth we live with is different. By beautiful boy was too scared to fall asleep tonight because he has nightmares about his father.